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English language courses for adults are perfectly organised, effective English courses with accommodation in either a hotel, apartment or you can stay with a guest family. You can find yourself learning English in Great Britain, Malta and Ireland or go across the sea to the USA, Hawaii, Australia or New Zealand. Our exotic course location for learning English is Grenada, an East Caribbean island of the Lesser Antilles.

Specialist advice: 01256-808212

Price example 2 weeks: Malta (£512), London (£716), Cape Town (£593)



LISA! Study Abroad - specialist advice: 01256-808212

  1. English language courses by the sea
    Our popular course destinations by the sea are Malta, Bournemouth, Cape Town, Sydney Beach, Auckland and Hawaii. Price example: 2 weeks in Malta costs £512
  2. English language courses according to age
    LISA! Language courses are suited for adults of all ages: Around half of our course participants are students and the other half are 30, 40 or 50 year old workers. Seniors and older participants also find many course programmes suitable. We can advise you.

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